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The Google Chrome browser stores your bookmarks profiles in a hidden folder in your profile directory. This Chrome Bookmarks folder is accessible only from your computer. This is a drawback for several reasons. First, if this folder gets accidently deleted, Google Chrome will not be able to locate your bookmarks, which can be a big problem if you are a frequent user of Chrome as your bookmarks are very important. Second, you will not be able to access the bookmarks folder from another computer (for example, if you are using Google Chrome to access your Gmail account). Why is this important? Because you can use your Chrome bookmarks to quickly save important websites to your Bookmarks Dashboard, which can be very handy.

Your bookmarks are stored in your Google Chrome. If you’re like me, you have bookmarks saved in a variety of places: perhaps on your desktop, in a folder on your hard drive, or maybe just as tabs in your browser. What happens, though, if you delete one of these places?

Apparently, Google Chrome stores the bookmark in the browser itself.

While you can sort your bookmarks and access them directly in the browser, it’s helpful to know that Chrome stores all your bookmarks in a single file.

This allows you to access, save and restore your bookmarks from your desktop. But many people don’t know where to find them in the file system.

If you cannot find the bookmark file, it may have the following causes:

  • You’re looking in the wrong folder.
  • The user’s path is incorrect.

Note that the bookmark file is always located in the same folder, but the location may vary depending on the operating system you are using, for example. B. Windows, macOS and Linux, may be different.

In this article, we will see how to find bookmarks stored on the desktop (or local hard drive).

The important things

Before proceeding with how to display bookmarks on the desktop, remember the following:

  • Do not change or delete bookmark files unless you are sure you want to.
  • To move your bookmark files from one desktop to another, sync your Google Account with Chrome.
  • If the browser is used by a single user, the bookmark folders can be found through Profile 1 (which we discuss in the next section).
  • If multiple users use Chrome, the registration path will be different. For example, for another user, the folder would be Profile 2, not Profile 1.

Where can I save my Google Chrome bookmarks on Windows?

In Windows, bookmark files are stored in a hidden folder called AppData. Follow the steps below to find this file:

Step one: Open File Explorer and navigate to C:/Users.

Step two: If you are the only user, click on the folder with your user name, otherwise you have to click on the folder where you want to find your bookmarks.

Step three: Now you need to select the folder called AppData. By default, the folder is hidden, so you cannot access it without permission.

(If you are an administrator on your desktop, you can change the settings to allow access).

To grant access to the hidden folder, click View and check the Hidden Items box, as shown in the figure below.

You can now see the AppData folder.

Step four: Go to AppData > Local > Google > Chrome > User Data > Profile 1/Default.

(On some workstations, you will see Default instead of Profile 1, but if there are multiple users, you will see Profile 1, Profile 2, and so on.)

Step 5: Scroll down and find the bookmark file. Here you can copy, delete or save a file.

Where are Google Chrome bookmarks stored in macOS?

On macOS, bookmark files are stored in the Application Support folder. Just like AppData in Windows, this folder is hidden by default.

Therefore, you must first grant access to the Application Support directory. But it’s not as easy as on Windows.

Follow these steps to view hidden files on macOS :

  • Open the Terminal application by going to Go > Utilities > Terminal.
  • Type the default command write AppleShowAllFiles YES in the Terminal window and press Enter.
  • Finally, type killall Finder and press Enter again.

You can now browse the Application Support directory.

To view your bookmarks, go to Users/Your Username/Library/Support App/Google/Chrome/Default.

Just like in Windows, you will see Profile 1, Profile 2, etc. if there are multiple users in the browser.

Where are Google Chrome bookmarks stored under Linux?

Before you start looking for bookmark files, you should know that you might have Google Chrome or Chromium (an open source browser) installed on Linux.

As a result, the user experience will be slightly different for the two browsers.

Follow the steps below to access the bookmark file:

Step one: Open the application bar and find the terminal. You can also open the terminal with the key combination Ctrl + Alt + T.

Step two: Enter the user’s path in the terminal window.

For Google Chrome : /home/YUR USERNAME/.config/google-chrome/Default/.

For Chromium: /home/YUR USERNAME/.config/chromium/Default/.

Step three: Press the Enter key.

You can now open your bookmark files.

Import and export bookmarks to an HTML file

If you want to effortlessly browse through your bookmarks instead of scrolling through hidden files, you can export your Chrome bookmarks to an HTML file.

Although bookmarks are exported directly from the Google Chrome web browser, the process is the same for any operating system.

Export bookmarks to an HTML file

Step one: Open Google Chrome.

Step two: In the top right corner, click on the icon with the three vertical dots (also known as the advanced option).

Step three: Move the cursor to Bookmarks and choose Bookmark Manager.

Step four: In the top right corner, click the Organize icon (the one with the three vertical dots).

Step 5: Finally, click the Export Bookmarks button. You will then be asked to save the HTML file.

If you want to import bookmarks into Google Chrome (for another user), you need to follow steps 1 through 4. Then select Import Bookmarks instead of Export Bookmarks.

If you cannot export the HTML file as described above, please send your request to Google Support.


Now you know where your Google Chrome bookmarks are stored. Whether you use Windows, macOS or Linux, you can easily edit, delete, backup and restore your desktop bookmarks.

Sometimes you can’t access hidden files. Then try restarting the desktop and repeat the above procedure.

If you still cannot find the bookmark file, please ask us in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are my Google Chrome bookmarks stored?

Your Google Chrome bookmarks are stored in your Google Chrome browser.

How do I find my Chrome bookmarks and passwords?

You can find your Chrome bookmarks and passwords in the following places: Bookmarks: On the Chrome menu, click Bookmarks. On the left side of the Bookmarks window, click on the Bookmarks menu. On the right side of the Bookmarks window, click on the Bookmarks menu. On the right side of the Bookmarks window, click on the Bookmarks menu. In the Bookmarks window, click on the Bookmarks menu. On the left side of the Bookmarks window, click on the

Where do I find my saved bookmarks?

You can find your saved bookmarks by clicking the “Saved Bookmarks” button on the toolbar.

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