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Top 10 Best OSRS Ranged Weapons (Bows + Crowssbows) –

If you are searching for a new weapon to level or pk with in Old School Runescape, this Top 10 list is a great place to start. In this list, you will find all of the best OSRS ranged weapons (bows and crossbows) for both pking and leveling. Keep in mind, this list is compiled from a variety of sources, and some may disagree with the order of the Top 10. Also, some of the items listed could be considered “honorable mentions” based on the fact that they were close to making the official list.

After around 18 years of the game, about 20 years of Old School Runescape, there are now a wide variety of weapons and tools that can be used for this game. As a result, it is quite difficult to choose the best one out of the vast numbers of weapons. (So we will do it for you.)

Ranged combat is one of the three combat styles used in OSRS, the others being magic and melee.

And the series is pretty unique among the three. Many players agree that it is mainly used for high level PvP, as many bosses and raids are dominated by players using this style – the DPS are just much higher.

There are also many useful weapons associated with the Reach skill, making it even more popular.

But which are the best? Let’s take a look at some of the options you should have in your arsenal!

10. Dorgeshuun Crossbow

First on our list is the Dorgeshun crossbow, which is actually a very good crossbow in the early game.

This thing has a decent bonus of +42 on attack range, and is very easy to get in the early game – it’s just locked behind the Lost Tribe quest in the early game.

Note that it only uses bone bolts, which are very cheap to get, and it has the added benefit of a faster game ticking than any other crossbow. That may not sound like much, but in the long run it does a lot of damage per second.

Overall, this is a popular choice among Ironmen and early game players looking for a quick and cheap shooting experience.

How to get it: After you complete the Lost Tribe game, you can buy this crossbow from Nardock.

9. Magic arch (i)

The Magic Shortbow, which requires you to be level 50 in ranged combat, is the best shortbow in the game – and you can fire amethyst arrows with it, making it a very useful option.

This short bow also has a special attack that fires two arrows at once and consumes 55% of the special bar.

But if you load a short arc, it’s only worth 50% of the special bar. They can then be linked for more damage.

And because this short bow is so readily available, it’s often used by horsepower enthusiasts.

How to get it: You have to drop it from the magic log and string it on the bowstring. This requires a level 80 fletching.

8. Black Chinchompas

Black chins are one of the best area of effect weapons (AOE) in the entire game.

When you roll the die, you deal damage in an area of 3×3 squares and damage everything in that area.

In PvP, the damage is limited to 12. And in PvP, this indicator is equal to 10.

Because of the way this long-range weapon works, it’s often used to stack large groups of enemies and hit them all at once, giving you an insane amount of experience for range. This is commonly known as chinning, and the usual places to do this are the Monkey Madness I and II tunnels.

It’s important to note that if you die, not all of your chins can be restored, as they are technically still alive and running. So keep that in mind when you take them out for fun.

Level 65 is required to possess these special black chins.

How to get it: You can catch them with a level 73 hunter in a wilderness hunting area.

7. Dwarf multi-tube gun

The multi-purpose dwarven cannon is a great tool for which you only need to complete the dwarven cannon quest.

You can only install one barrel at a time and fill it with up to 30 cannonballs. The cannon rotates 360 degrees and fires at any enemy within range.

The total distance experience you get is half of the normal distance experience, and there is no hit point experience.

The advantage of this, however, is that you can still attack with normal gear and use the weapon to replenish your DPS.

After 30 minutes of use, the gun is destroyed and you must repair it. But it costs nothing, just press a button.

How to get it: You can buy it for 750k by completing the Dwarf Cannon of Nulodion quest.

6. Creeping loop

Crowe’s bow is one of three wild weapons you can get by killing Revenants.

In my opinion, this is the best of the three weapons.

He has a very high attack bonus of +75 range, and +60 power at distance. It is specifically used in the wild, as it does extra damage when used on enemies in the wild.

With this special effect, the arc can be 50% more accurate and do 50% more damage. So, if you’re heading out into the wilderness soon, you might want to use a Crowe bow.

To use it, you’ll need a level 60 range and Ethereum to charge it, since it has its own ammo and doesn’t use normal arrows.

How to get it: It was left by the Revenants in the Cave of the Revenants and is very rare.

5. Crystal arc

This bow is similar to the Crowe bow in that it has its own built-in ammunition and slowly degrades over time.

As the name suggests, this bow is studded with crystal shards.

It has an attack bonus of +100 at range and a power bonus of +70 at range. It is also one of the few bows with an attack distance of more than 10 squares, allowing it to shoot at very long distances.

This makes him very useful for battle caves and DKS, where removal is a useful ally.

To wield this bow, you must have reached level 50 in Dexterity and level 70 in Ranged. You must also complete the Wandering Elves adventure and Diary of a Tough Western Province.

It’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it.

How to get it: You can get this bow from the Crystal Weapon Seed after completing the quest and the journal.

4. Armadil Crossbow

The Armadilla crossbow is one of the best crossbows in all of OSRS and has an impressive +100 attack bonus.

Like all crossbows, this one is one-handed, meaning you can carry it in your hand like a shield.

The Armadillo crossbow (AKB for short) is best for everything but fighting dragons, as the dragon hunter’s crossbow has its strengths in that area as well.

Also note that this weapon requires a range of 70 to wield, and the special attack doubles your accuracy.

It’s also the only OSRS crossbow that has a prayer bonus (which is +1).

How to get it: The Armadil crossbow is dropped off exclusively by Commander Zilyana at Camp Saradomin in GWD.

3. Dragon Hunter Crossbow

This crossbow is now the best weapon in the slot to deal with many dragon-type enemies like Vorkath.

The reason for this is that it is one of the Dragonbane weapons in the game.

The dragon hunter crossbow has a solid +95 bonus on range and offers a 30% increase in damage and accuracy when fighting dragons.

This effect is cumulative with the bonuses of Void, Fighter’s Helmet, and Ointment. The right equipment can therefore be of great help.

It is also the second best item in the slot for the distance phase with Elm in Chambers of Xeric.

But before you can start hunting, you need a level 65 crossbow.

How to get it: A rare item from Xeric’s quarters.

2. Toxic tube

This is one of the best, if not the best, weapon for a versatile DPS.

The blowgun has a +60 bonus to its attack range, but has one of the highest attack speeds in the game – meaning that if you use it with high-level arrows, you’ll melt your opponent’s health.

In PvP the attack speed is 3 game ticks, in PvP it becomes 4.

The blowgun uses arrows and must be loaded with both arrows and Zulrach scales to be used.

There is an average of two scales for each arrow shot. This can make a weapon very expensive.

There is also the possibility of your snorkel poisoning your enemies. And this ability is 100% likely when used in conjunction with the Serpentine Helmet.

So, in general, the blowgun can be used anywhere: raids, GWD, most slayer bosses, slayer quests, and marksmanship training. This weapon is just extremely effective!

All you need is a decent amount of gp to support it.

How to get it: You must kill Zulra and retrieve the tanzanite tooth. With 53 crafts, you can turn a dog into a poisonous breathing tube.

1. Twisted loop

And finally, we reach the top of our rankings. The Twisted Bow is the best distance weapon in OSRS and the most sought after bow in the game.

He has an attack bonus of +70 at range and a power bonus of +20 at range, but that’s not the reason for his popularity.

Twisted Bows has a passive effect that allows you to deal more damage depending on your opponent’s magic level.

The higher the level, the higher you can hit.

This means that with certain opponents you will easily and almost always get into the 80. The amount of damage you can do is ridiculous.

For example, Twisted Bow’s maximum hit is 83 outside Xeric Chambers and 104 inside it.

When you consider that these are normal attacks and not special ones, these numbers are absurdly high.

Twisted Bow is generally used for Giant Mole, Raids, KBD, Hydra, Battle Caverns, and more – since OSRS has many enemies with high magic.

How to get it: In the rolling table of mega oddities for Chambers of Xeric.

This source has been very much helpful in doing our research. Read more about osrs ranged weapon progression and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best ranged weapon in Osrs?

Ranged weapons are often considered to be the weakest type of weapons to bring to a fight, however they are not useless. This is because of the fact that they require less accuracy and allow you to hit enemies without getting close to them. When fighting bosses, this can be an important feature since you are able to kill them from a safe distance. If you search for the best ranged weapons in Old School Runescape, you will find a lot of different information. A lot of people will tell you that the best ranged weapon in Old School Runescape is the Rune Crossbow, and that is completely false. In reality, the best ranged weapon in Old School Runescape is the Seercull.

Are crossbows or bows better in Osrs?

We all know that the best ranged weapon in Old School Runescape are bows, but that doesn’t mean that crossbows can’t be useful. Crossbows have been available to free players since 2005, and are the only ranged weapon able to hit targets at any distance. While the crossbow deals less damage than a longbow, it is faster to wield, and can be used for PvE or PvP. The crossbow is a ranged weapon in Old School RuneScape that requires a Ranged level of 50 to wield. It is a two-handed weapon, and it can fire up to Bolts. It can only be used in the Wilderness, but can be used for training Ranged in most places that permit the use of ranged weapons. It has a slower rate of fire when compared to the shortbow, but makes up for it in its long range, being able to hit targets up to 10 spaces away. As with most weapons, the crossbow can be poisoned.

What is the strongest bow in RuneScape?

Ranging is a skill that is used by players who wield bows and arrows as their weapons. Players can use ranging to fight monsters from a distance. It is one of the oldest skills in the game and is used by many players with different combat styles. Some players use ranging for its utility, while others use it to train combat skills such as strength. If you’re looking for a new bow or crossbow, don’t miss our OSRS ranged weapon tier list. It’s packed with useful information that you can’t find anywhere else. Archers are some of the most precise combat specialists around, and they need their equipment to be just as precise. If you want to hit your targets with your bow, you need to make sure you have the best equipment for the job. A good bow is particularly important, since its accuracy will have a major influence on how often you can land an arrow in your target. For the best results, you want the best bow possible.

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