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Resident Evil Village Earns Favorable Reviews

The Resident Evil series is a great example of a successful video game franchise that began life as a humble horror game, but has since morphed into a blockbuster action series. The latest game in the series, Resident Evil Village, has been getting rave reviews for its addictive gameplay and faithful tribute to the classic titles in the series.

You are probably aware that the Resident Evil franchise is one of the biggest names around in the horror video game genre. Well, it’s back again with a veritable new twist on the original formula in the form of Resident Evil Village. Released in September (2007), this Sony PSP exclusive has players tackling zombies in a new light. (If you’re old enough to remember the original Resident Evil or its sequel, you’ll understand the reference!)

Image: Capcom

Resident Evil fans still think the switch to a first-person perspective was a bad idea, but unfortunately Capcom seems to have proven them wrong, judging by the first reviews of the eighth installment in the survival horror franchise that have surfaced online today. A quick look at Metacritic and other aggregators shows that Resident Evil Village is shaping up to be another solid game, thanks to its haunting atmosphere, emphasis on combat, and strong inspiration from Shinji Mikami’s last and legendary Resident Evil, RE4. Resident Evil Village is clearly not perfect, but upon closer inspection it’s clear that Capcom may have overlooked the replayability, story, and depth of its most touted characters, such as Lady Dimitrescu. PC gamers prone to headaches and nausea also suffer from the lack of the FOV slider in Resident Evil Village, but the modder may have already solved this problem.


But the further you get into the story, the weaker it gets, as if the beginning and ending were conceived by two completely different teams. I know this element is always present in all Resident Evil games – in RE7, the sudden transition to the tanker section was so unexpected it made me dizzy – but this inconsistency hurts both the momentum and the atmosphere. Yes, the setting is varied – you visit not only Dimitrescu’s village and castle, but also a sunken city, a murder factory, an abandoned mine, and other locations – but the four lords aren’t all the same, which means your time with them won’t be as rewarding. Some battles are frighteningly frantic, but others are so weak and frustrating that they sometimes feel more like a waste of time than a meaningful encounter.

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