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Monster Hunter Rise: How To Capture Monsters (And Why)

Monster Hunter Generations is one of the most anticipated games for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems, and it comes with a very interesting new feature: Monster Capture. You can, of course, catch all of the monsters in the game by using standard weapons, but there are some monsters that are especially hard to catch and you might need some new strategies to beat them. So, what are these special Monster Capture monsters and how can you capture them?

Monster Hunter is a wildly popular game series that makes its way to the Nintendo 3DS. Its success is partially due to its creative monsters, which are unique and imaginative—and they’re a blast to catch. So, why are monsters so challenging to catch? How do you know when you’ve caught one? And most importantly, how do you keep a monster from escaping from your trap?

The latest Monster Hunter game from the makers behind the Monster Hunter series has become available on all of your favorite gaming consoles. , and is set to be one of the most profitable games of the year. While the game may be slightly behind on its release date, it offers more than enough content to keep you busy until the following year. So, what’s the game about? Here’s our guide to Monster Hunter Rise – How To Capture Monsters (And Why).

Capturing monsters has been an integral part of the Monster Hunter series since the beginning. Catching your target is a great way to get rare rewards and end your hunt a little earlier. There’s nothing like the sense of relief you get when you put a tough monster to sleep after a long fight, when you’re about to take your last breath and you’re out of healing items.

If you’re having trouble destroying your monsters humanely, we’re here to help! We have put together a complete guide to catching monsters in Monster Hunter Rise, including a detailed guide and some tips and tricks to make catching easier.

Here we go!

Monster Hunter Rise: Monster Catch Guide

We will start with a basic guide on how to catch monsters in Monster Hunter Rise. This section of the manual covers the necessary parts of the process – everything you need to get the job done from start to finish.

1. Choosing the right quests

First, make sure you’re on a quest where you can actually catch the target monster. It won’t be too difficult – since most quests just ask you to hunt a monster, you’ll usually have the choice of catching or killing the monster, depending on the type of loot and reward you want to get for the quest.

Image: Capcom via HGG

There are also quests that specifically ask you to catch a certain monster, so it’s win-win if you hunt a certain monster. These quests are marked on the quest counter with a small gray icon of a sleeping monster. The only quests where destroying a monster ends in failure are those where you are asked to kill your target, where you are expected to actually kill the beast.

2. Look out for trapping signals

If the monster is weak enough to be caught, several signs tell you it’s time to set traps. If you play alone, your Palico will warn you that your purr is weak and a pickup is coming. In single-player and multiplayer, you’ll also see a blue marker on the monster icon (in the top right corner of the screen), warning you to curb your attacks and prepare to attack.

Image: Capcom via HGG

You can also track the softness of the sample. In most cases, the monster will go limp and try to leave the area when it becomes weak enough to be captured. Don’t confuse this with their exhaustion: monsters often stop to take a break when they’re tired, but they’re not ready for a struggle until they start limping across the map.

3. Set up a trap and take your sedatives

When you’re ready to catch the monster, set a trap and wait for him to stumble. You may have to lure them in – some monsters just refuse to be useful there, and others tend to destroy traps on the spot. If your monster is sleeping, you can easily place a trap at its feet and wake it up with an attack, as the trap will activate as soon as it gets up.

Image: Capcom via HGG

When your target is caught, throw some Tranq bombs at his head and collect the reward!

Tips and Tricks for Styling

Now that we have learned the basics of sample capture in MHR, let’s look at some practical tips. These techniques make capping easier and allow you to avoid long fights and unwanted surprises in the field.

1. Treat the sample as normal

If you’re new to the Monster Hunter series, don’t worry – there’s really no secret technique for catching monsters. Aside from setting a trap and using a few stun bombs when your prey is exhausted, you can treat the trap quest like a normal hunt.

Image: Capcom via HGG

This means you can open fire all the way. Take advantage of the monster’s weaknesses, break valuable pieces, smash walls like it’s amateur night at the rodeo. If you stop the pain train when the monster is around, you go for the ham!

2. Individual and group hunts have different flotation limits

Some monsters take much longer to destroy, especially when hunting in multiplayer. The monsters you pick up in the Gathering Centre quests have a difficulty level, meaning the hunt gets harder as the number of players increases.

If you hunt alone (whether it’s a village or a central quest), it will take less time to catch the monster because the difficulty is adjusted for a single player. If someone from the Collection Centre joins your quest, the difficulty is increased according to the number of players.

Since the difficulty consists of increasing the maximum health of the monster, it takes a little longer to weaken the target to the limit. Of course, the exact time difference depends heavily on your team – better teamwork and high DPS weapons make the hunt much faster – but in general, you can expect the fights to be harder and take longer to clear traps.

3. Falls may be ineffective

Although catching a monster is pretty easy, you still have to watch out for traps. If you use the same type of trap too often during a hunt, your target monster will eventually become resistant to it and you won’t be able to keep it in the trap long enough to stun it.

If you have used shock traps during your hunt, but they don’t seem to be working, try returning to camp and getting a pit trap to see if the monster develops resistance.

It’s also worth remembering that some traps work best in certain scenarios. For example, shock traps work best when the monster is angry, and traps are more effective when the monster is tired. There are a few exceptions to this rule, so check your hunter’s notes to see what works best for your target monster!

4. Meeting interference immunity

Some samples are resistant or immune to certain types of traps. This is a fairly common theme in Monster Huntergames, although not all games treat it the same way. Consult your hunter notes to review all known information about this sample and plan an effective hunt.

Image: Capcom via HGG

You can easily access this information by choosing Hunter Notes > Big Monsters > Physiology > Hunting, but here is a summary of all the monster immunities and trap resistances in Monster Hunter Rise:

Monster Resistor(s) Purchase of spikes
Nargakuga Fallen The Nargakuga can destroy underwater traps, and the game teaches you to be careful when placing these traps. Use a shock trap instead, or wait to set a trap until the monster is angry and harder to detect.
Zinogre Impact Traps Zinogre is immune to , shock traps when charged, and there’s a chance that if you step on a trap, it will still be charged. In this case, it is better to rely on traps.
Rajang Falls + Shock Falls The Rajang can dodge traps when not charged and destroy traps when charged. Best to cut off his tail so he can’t light up, then use a shock trap when you’re ready to catch him.

As always, all Elder Dragons are immune to traps. Crushing is not an option, so save space in your inventory and save the traps and tranquilizers for those hunting parties.

5. Agricultural grapple accessories

If you catch samples often, you need a constant supply to keep your stock up. You can always buy materials in the market or by trading with Rondina, but you can often save money and make more profit by trading with your friends.

Image: Capcom via HGG

Note that you still need to buy capture tools, but you can extract the following with your subs:

  • Thunderbug (needed for the shock trap)
  • Ivy (mandatory for fishing nets)
  • Spider web (needed to make webs for traps)
  • Sleeping Beauty (necessary for the production of stun bombs)
  • Parachute room (needed for stun bombs)

Since you can only extract three elements at a time, you will need to mix them according to which one you need the most. Think about what materials are easiest to collect in the field, and consider growing things that are harder to collect yourself.



This concludes our Monster Hunter Rise How to Catch Monsters guide – thanks for reading! If you have any other helpful suggestions, please help your fellow hunters and post them in the comments. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media for more Monster Hunter guides like this one.

Have fun searching!This is a blog about how to capture monsters and why. There are different ways to capture monsters, but the easiest way to capture monsters is to use the Capture command (X button). Use the Capture command to capture a monster that is close to you, use the target command to mark the monster to upgrade your ability to capture monsters. The Capture command will show up in your skill tree when you capture a monster.. Read more about how to capture a monster in monster hunter rise and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does capturing a monster do in Monster Hunter rise?

It will give you a unique material called a monster part.

Should I capture monsters in Monster Hunter rise?

Monster Hunter: World is a cooperative game. If you want to capture monsters, you’ll need to find a partner.

Is it better to capture or kill monsters in Monster Hunter rise?

It’s better to capture monsters in Monster Hunter rise.

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