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Lazada Mid-Year Sale Sees ‘RM 0 Free Shipping, ‘Durian Runtuh’ Gifts, and Unexpected Deals

This is the first year of the annual *NUS holiday sale on Lazada Malaysia, which as of today, is still ongoing. For those who are yet unaware of this campaign, it is a Malaysia-based online retail outlet, where customers can enjoy ‘free shipping’ throughout their purchases, as well as a lot of freebies and gifts that are usually not available for sale elsewhere. One of the most popular promotions that saw a lot of attention was the “Runtuh” (or ‘untuk setiap orang’) promotion, which offered customers who spent RM100 or more on purchases on Lazada Malaysia, RM0 on their next purchase.

We’re here to help you save, Lazada! From the online retailer’s latest mid-year sale, we’ve got a doozy of a deal for you! While the Grand Sale only happens once every 12 months, the Mid-Year Sale is happening on a monthly basis, so open up your wallets and get ready for a few surprises.

Malaysians can expect the unexpected at Lazada. The leading e-commerce site reveals seven secrets for smart shopping during the upcoming semi-annual surprise sale from 5-7. July.

Consumers can get the coveted RM0 coupon for free shipping with no minimum purchase, Durian Runtuh Buy 1 Free 1 Musang King offer, Chup Dulu pre-order offers, Lazada bonus discounts, RM0.77 Crazy Flash Sale prices and LazMall Crazy Brand Mega offers with more than 50% off by following these seven simple shopping tips.

What happens during the semi-annual Lazada sale?

RM 0 Free shipping

Most veterans of online shopping know the joy of collecting coupons for free shipping every day on the Lazada channel, where you can collect a few coupons every day for the unexpected mid-year sale.

This time Lazada has placed the code RM0′ Free Shipping in their app for smart shoppers as an extra surprise during the sale. The voucher is valid on the entire platform, with a minimum spending limit of RM0.

It is almost certain that your shipping cost will be reduced to zero as the maximum shipping cost is RM10, which is much higher than the normal shipping cost on the platform.

The secret to getting an exclusive voucher for RM0′ free shipping is simply to ask CLEO, Lazada’s virtual customer service agent with artificial intelligence.

In line with the surprise sale theme, this humble employee becomes a personal virtual assistant for Lazada users who receive a voucher for free RM0 delivery.

Just follow these simple steps in the application:

  • Click on the Account button in the right bottom corner
  • Click on the Chat with Customer Service button at the bottom of the page to go to CLEO.
  • Finally, ask CLEO: Hey Lazada, can I please get RM0 free shipping?

Search for password Durian Runtuh

Durian Runtuh is a Malaysian idiom that refers to the unexpected benefits Malaysians get when they are married from now to 7 years. July, use the password Durian Runtuh in the search function of the Lazada application.

Those looking for a durian runtuh on Lazada will have a chance to become one of the lucky winners of a special Buy 1 Free 1 certificate (50% discount) from DooranDooran, a local premium durian retailer, on purchase of an authentic Musang King Durian of 4kg and 900g pulp worth over RM300.

Not only is the durian considered the king of fruits, but this Musang King by DooranDooran was also hand-picked at a 30 year old durian farm in Negeri Sembilan.

Set your alarm, because every day from now until midnight July 7, only a small number of Durian Runtuh Buy 1 Free 1 coupons (50% off) will be available on a first come, first served basis.

The voucher can be used on July 5 and 7, to be redeemed during the semi-annual sale, which also offers a 50% discount on Musang King Durian.

Chup Dulu

Even with all the incredible discounts and low prices already available during the unexpected mid-year sale, savvy shoppers can stretch their money even further by taking advantage of Chup Dulu, the advance booking option on the Lazada app.

Shoppers can get their hands on the most coveted products from popular LazMall brands such as Estee Lauder, Innisfree, LANEIGE, Lancôme, L’OCCITANE, Vans, Adidas and more by purchasing now through the 6th. July to pay a 10% non-refundable deposit.

The seventh. July, consumers who have purchased Chup Dulu can checkout without competing with other buyers.

Crazy Mega Offer from LazMall

Being LazMall, fans of the brand can expect high quality products and great savings when they shop on the LazMall channel.

LazMall’s 100% authenticity guarantee gives online shoppers the assurance that items are sold directly by official brand partners or Lazada brand retailers.

LazMall’s branded mega deals will be available on the 7th. The month of July will be available from 12pm to 2am. Malaysia’s favorite brands like Pandora, Fossil, Acer, Lenovo, Logitech and others will offer discounts of over 50% and up to 80%, as well as coupons.

Prime Lazada

The Lazada Bonus, as the name suggests, is an extra cash discount given exclusively during big sales and can be combined with other coupons and offers.

From 30. June to the 7th. July: collect daily Lazada bonuses in the app. The more Lazada bonus points a shopper accumulates, the more discounts they can get during the Mid-Year Unexpected Sale, which runs from 5 to 7. The July races.

During the semi-annual surprise sale, customers will get RM10 off for every RM100 they spend on bonus items from Lazada.

RM0.77 For sale

Among the most anticipated discounts during the unexpected mid-year sale are these deals, which are only valid for a limited time. From 5 to 7 years old. In July, Malaysians can get great deals on RM0.77 in the Crazy Sale.

Make sure to load up your Lazada wallet before the sale starts, because those who buy with the Lazada wallet are more likely to win the race against the clock when the entire country is vying for the same product.


The Chief Discount Officer (CDO) show will be part of the unexpected mid-year sell-off of 5-7. July every day from 9 to 10 on LazLive. Various coupons and exclusive offers will be available during the show, so don’t miss your chance.

For more information on our next semi-annual surprise sale, click here.

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