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How To Make Degree Symbol In Windows Microsoft Word 2021

With the new Windows 10 operating system, Microsoft has added a new feature which allows people to create their own symbols for programs, documents and websites. This is a really cool new feature and is something that you may wish to use yourself.

If you’ve ever used Microsoft Word on a Mac, you’ll know that it saves many of its symbols and fonts in an invisible file called the Dictionary. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to save these symbols as part of the document, which will make it easier to use in your documents.

How to Create a Celsius Symbol in Windows Microsoft Word 2021 – Creating a Celsius symbol is probably very easy for us on a regular sheet of paper, but what if we want to insert a symbol or sign into a data processing program like Microsoft Word.

Creating a degree symbol in Windows Microsoft Word

3 ways to create a degree symbol in Windows Microsoft Word

In this tutorial, we will see how to write a diploma symbol in Word, very easily and quickly, of course.

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When we try to type the degree symbol in Ms Word, we have a small problem, because the keyboard of the computer or laptop is not available.

Some of these are the symbol rupa, th, 1st, phi, tick or checklist and other symbols that are still associated with writing physics or mathematical formulas.

We don’t have long to wait. We discuss a tutorial on the simple technique of entering a degree sign in Word.

Creating a degree icon in Microsoft Word Windows 10

The tips for creating this degree symbol apply to all versions of Microsoft Word, namely 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016.

Windows Phone users can configure it themselves. After all, the principle does not differ much from using a computer or PC.

1. Superscript

This first method is highly recommended to try how to quickly create a degree symbol in Word is very simple and convenient, because it uses only keyboard shortcuts.

Steps to create a note symbol in Word

1. Open the editing program Microsoft Word on your computer or laptop.

2. You are then free to enter the number, here I write the number 100 degrees Celsius as an example.

3. As with the essay, use the following format.

  • 100oC
  • 100 is a number
  • o – lower case o
  • C – Capital letter C

4. If you select the lowercase owith the cursor orshift + right or leftor lock.

5. Finally, you can press the key combinationCtrl + Shift + O. The lowercase o then automatically moves up and becomes a degree symbol.

You can also use this superscript feature by going to theHometab of the menu and then selecting the last font you clicked onon X range.

2. Symbol

In this second option, we use the capabilities of Ms. Word the available menu options. Not only the degree sign, but also the Arabic lettering can be created in Microsoft Word.

Steps for writing degree symbols in Ms Word

1. Open MenuInsertMenuTab , as shown below.

Then type the number100C, just before the letter C putthe cursor before.

2. Enter thesymbol in the upper right corner, click it to open the drop-down menu. Click the lowest,Other symbols, to select different symbols or other special characters.

3. Then the usual context menuSymbol appears, which you open underSymbols and select the symbol.

To see if it’s a degree symbol or not. You can tell by theUnicode tag:Make sure it is tagged with the degree sign.

4. Finally, you can press theInsertkey to enter it. If that succeeds, you can select the Closebutton to close it.

3. Comparison

Those of you who frequently enter mathematical formulas, such as. B. when making commands, etc., can be familiar with the compare function.

It turns out that you can also create a degree symbol in this function. Here’s the manual.

Steps to enter a degree symbol in Microsoft Word

1. In Ms Word, open menuInsertMenuTab .

2. Then write something like this100C. If you now have, place the cursor just before the letter C, as shown.

3. You enterEquationto select the symbol or formula to use.

4. Go to theDesignmenu tab and select the degree icon, usually labeledDegree. The degree sign is then automatically inserted just before the letter C.

You can also use the Equation feature to insert other symbols, for example. B. Percentages (%), multiplication, division, etc.

If you look at some of the methods presented above, you can do more than just insert a degree Celsius (ºC) symbol. You can also create a Fahrenheit (ºF) symbol. There can also be an exponent or a square root.

Good extra tips if you use them in sufficient quantity. You can use the copy and paste function.

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This document explains how to create a degree symbol in Windows Microsoft Word. This icon is commonly used in data processing programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
We hope you find this guide to creating a diploma symbol in Microsoft Word useful. It is no longer easy to write the Celsius or Fahrenheit symbols on the worksheets.

Don’t forget to bookmark this site and visit it every day as you will find the latest technology information such as how-to guides, tips and tricks, blogs, digital marketing, Windows Android Root, social media, games, etc. I wish you luck.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I insert degree symbol in Word?

On the Home tab, in the Font group, click the Symbol button. In the Symbol dialog box, click the More button, and then click the Degree Symbol.

How do you type the degree symbol?

The degree symbol is typed by typing the number 2 and then the letter d.

How do you make a degree symbol without a number pad?

The degree symbol is made with a small circle.

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