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6 Thrive Themes Alternatives 2021 To Design Attractive Pages

The goal of this blog post is to provide the reader with a list of the most popular themes for websites that are free to use, and are available for download on the internet, and some alternatives that will help you in the process, making your website more attractive and better.

After more than 10 years of using WordPress, I have decided to switch over to Thrive Themes, which offers an incredible free theme called the “Thrive” theme. When I first found this theme, I was intrigued by its features. I liked how responsive it was. It gave me the ability to use the theme on as many devices as possible, being both iPhone and Android-based. It also gave me the ability to use the theme on a variety of web browsers, such as Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. I also liked how customizable this theme was. It gave me the ability to change the fonts and colors easily, without having to hassle with the WordPress interface.

If you’re looking to create an attractive web page, you’ve come to the right place. Nintendo, Sega, and Sony all had success with themes in the past. These themes gave users a way to personalize the games they played, but also gave them an incentive to check out additional games. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how you can use our themes in the future, or even in the present, to further increase your site’s appeal.

word-image-5639 Since you have reached this page, I understand that you are looking for the best alternatives to Thrive themes to make your business website or blog or landing page or sales page in a way that increases reader engagement. Am I right? I am sure you will find a suitable alternative to Thrive themes with this blog post. Thrive Themes entered the WordPress market to implement conversion-oriented themes with its own products such as Ultimatum, Leads, Architect and Optimize. The hype that Thrive has created in the market would entice you to buy it, but there may be several reasons why you should look for an alternative to Thrive themes. After using it for a while, I realized that Thrive Themes has a great theme builder with great features. I could use it to create attractive pages for my lucrative websites. However, I was very disappointed and started looking for alternatives to Thrive Suite in terms of speed, third-party plugin support, elegance and payment integration. Let me detail the shortcomings of the Thrive Suite!

Why are Thrive themes an alternative?

I firmly believe that you should be aware of the drawbacks so that you don’t end up disappointed at the last minute.

  • You can’t buy the Thrive theme builder; you have to buy the Thrive suite, which includes a number of non-core page design tools.
  • The Thrive suite is expensive! We have to pay $19 per month and it costs $90 per quarter or $229 per year. Newcomers and start-ups cannot afford this amount.
  • Great learning curve! Yes, it’s hard to get started because you can be overwhelmed by a lot of confusing options.
  • If you are in the middle of a problem and looking for help, you need to have a lot of patience, because technical support does not respond quickly.
  • The Thrive theme team has bombarded users with too many products that lack the real-time value and application to deliver value for money.
  • You should choose Thrive alternate if you need to install third-party plugins on your website. As an agency owner, you may need to enable multiple third-party plugins for a variety of reasons.
  • Unfortunately, the slowness of the Thrive package can affect the speed of the website.

I understand that Thrive has become your favorite topic because it has helped your website get more customers and subscribers. Remember that at this stage you need to assess whether your subject is right for you.

3 Key points for Thrive Alternatives 2021

As a small suggestion, I would like to recommend three better alternatives to Thrive Themes as table columns.

Includes more modules and support for third-party plug-ins
Front page builder, integrated text editing and global elements
Excellent frameworks and WordPress theme maker

Top 6 Thrive Suite Competitors with Excellent Design

1. Elementor

word-image-2022 Elementor is a great alternative to Thrive Architect because it works wonders for individuals and agencies. The advantage of Elementor is that it allows the user to create dynamic headers and footers. The best thing about Elementor compared to Thrive Themes is the support for third-party plugins to extend the functionality of the website. It also has Embed Anywhere and more modules than the Thrive kit. Here is a list of Elementor features that have impressed me!

  • Fully flexible page builder
  • Easy configuration options and improved navigation
  • Integration of third-party tools with 24/7 premium support
  • Ability to integrate WooCommerce, emoji, room dividers and e-commerce blocks.
  • Ideal for making long landing pages

Why Elementor Page Builder? Elementor has inspired users and set a record for providing visual design features that appeal to visitors while being developer-friendly. This is a great free alternative to Thrive themes if you need a user-friendly page builder with intuitive features that will give your website a unique look. You can also purchase Elementor Pro and take your website design to the next level.

2. Divi

word-image-2023 Divi is by far the best alternative to Thrive themes if your priority is to create a visually appealing website that surpasses them in terms of features and layouts. Divi also provides access to its architecture, but is not limited to landing pages. The Divi theme is superior to the Thrive theme in terms of its beginner-friendly interface, value for money, and additional features that allow users to create full-fledged websites. It is ideal for users who want to create business websites, as well as newsletters to attract customers. What character traits attracted me?

  • Intuitive and elegant drag and drop function
  • General content and design styles
  • Ideal for creating pages and targeting potential customers
  • Integrated and responsive text editing
  • Hundreds of models to choose from
  • Promising support

Thrive Vs Divi, which is better? One notable difference between these themes is that in the Thrive theme, the split test option can only be explored for email marketing campaigns, while the Divi theme allows you to explore any part of the page for split testing. Plus, you’ll get a Divi Theme discount to save on your purchases. Also, if you want a simple interface and need good technical support, Divi is a good choice.

3. Themify

word-image-2024 Since 2010, Themify has helped over 100,000 customers create faster, more responsive WordPress sites with its premium themes and plugins. Themify is a promising alternative to Thrive Themes and lets customers play with its easily customizable features. Themify is made exclusively for WordPress sites, which removes any doubt that the theme is compatible with your site. How could I not tell you that you can choose between $39 and $59 to buy this responsive and progressive theme? No need to drill a hole in your pocket. What are the features of Themify that caught my attention?

  • Preparation of the translation and essential functions
  • Excellent frameworks and WordPress theme maker
  • SEO feature included
  • Faster editing with the new interface
  • Your content will not be affected even if you deactivate Themify Builder at a later date.

Why choose Themify Themes over Thrive Themes? Customers can continue to use the regular WordPress editor instead of Themify Builder if they want. This is not the case with Thrive Themes, as you have to adapt to the framework provided. If you work with a number of WordPress sites, you can buy just the plugin if you don’t need the full theme.

4. Beaver cutter

word-image-2025 Beaver Builder is a competent page builder among the various Thrive theme alternatives listed here. Because of its flexibility, Beaver Builder is a free alternative to Thrive themes, but there are also plans starting at $99, depending on your needs. The advantage of this theme is that it offers templates for different sectors. We also give the Beaver theme a big YES if you need a unique interface that you can customize with one click. Here are some ways Beaver Builder performs better than Thrive themes.

  • Integrated text editing
  • Excellent control of the installation
  • White labeling is important when creating websites for your customers.
  • 100% clean exit code with supporting lock
  • Video keyboard and animation
  • Overwriting modules

Why buy Beaver Builder? Beaver is a strong competitor to the Thrive themes, as the former surpasses them in a number of features. Being a simple theme, it saves you the confusion related to the website layout. Are you the owner of the agency? Beaver Builder is your solution!

5. Astra Pro

word-image-2026 As an alternative to the Thrive suite, we offer a highly professional, future-proof, attractive and functional Astra Pro theme. It caught my eye because of its flexible plans and ease of use for site owners of all levels. For the low price of $59, you get an SEO-friendly theme that is suitable for creating white pages and landing pages. If you are looking for a user-friendly, powerful, customizable and fast theme, Astra Pro is your answer. It optimizes your site and reduces its size, no matter how many pages and heavy features you have. Why choose Astra Pro?

  • The most accessible subject
  • Trusted by millions of users
  • World-class design capabilities
  • 1 on 1 assistance 24 hours a day
  • Includes WP Portfolio, Schema Pro and Convert Pro, in addition to over 50 agency starter templates.

Why would you buy an Astra instead of a Thrive Suite? With Thrive, the problem is that you may have to go back to the framework each time to implement a particular feature. Astra Pro takes the pressure off with its freemium option and incredibly fast customer support. Do you also want to make a lot of money and attract clients through your professionalism? This super fast WordPress theme is the perfect starting point.

6. Oxygen manufacturer

word-image-2027 Oxygen Builder is ideal for those who already have a lot of experience creating websites and are looking for advanced features. We recommend Oxygen Builder as an alternative to Thrive themes if you understand WordPress. Thrive Themes is designed for moderately experienced users, but Oxygen Builder goes a step further. Awaken your inner coding expert with Oxygen Builder! What caught our attention?

  • You can use the Oxygen Builder with other page builders to get the desired results.
  • Custom layout models to personalize your website.
  • Dynamic visual editor
  • Detailed design library and performance optimization function
  • Lifetime support with a one-time purchase
  • Ready for WooCommerce

Why Oxygen Builder? Agencies with expert resources and strong programming skills should explore Oxygen Builder! The result is not only unique, but also allows you to save money and use it wherever you want.


Alternatives to Thrive themes are listed. And who’s the winner? Elementor and Divi are tied because these themes received similar scores on aspects such as price, documentation, features, support, and editing capabilities. I was also surprised at how many trusted members Elementor and Divi have compared to the big systems like Thrive Themes. Astra Pro is also a good option! With this best Thrive theme alternative, you get great design flexibility and support to attract more eyeballs to your landing and sales pages, which will surely increase your sales. Make a list of your needs, plan your budget and consult my reviews! Your web design journey starts here!Thrive Themes is a wonderful and easy to use WordPress Theme that you can customise in a myriad of ways. It offers a variety of options and features that allow you to create your own unique website in minutes!. Read more about thrive architect free alternative and let us know what you think.

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